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Teenager tells of terror as she and her boyfriend were 'badly injured' when Tsunami rollercoaster plunged 20ft to the ground


A 19-year-old girl said she 'thought she was going to die' after the rollercoaster she was riding plunged to the ground at a Scottish theme park.

Katie Mcardle and boyfriend William Murray were both taken to hospital after being 'badly hurt' when the Tsunami ride derailed and plummeted 20ft at M&D's theme park in Motherwell, near Glasgow, yesterday afternoon.

Writing on Facebook yesterday evening, Miss Mcardle described hearing people 'screaming' as she and William dangled upside down in the carriage.

The couple are understood to be among ten people who were taken to hospital with injuries. A 12-year-old girl is in a serious condition after suffering head injuries while Liam Boyle, 11, underwent a major operation after his arm was 'crushed' in the accidOnlookers last night described the terrifying scenes as parents and emergency service workers raced to help free screaming victims from the wreckage. Unconfirmed reports suggest the carriage smashed on to a toddlers' ride as it fell. Police confirmed that two of the children seriously injured had been standing beneath the ride, which reaches speeds of up to 40mph, when it plummeted. 

The crash happened on the first weekend of the school holidays and the park, which attracts around 750,000 visitors a year, had been busy. Dozens of people posted images on social media showing mangled carriages surrounded by concerned bystanders desperately trying to help.

In one image, passengers can be clearly seen trapped upside down in their seats with their legs stuck in the air. 

Eight children and two adults were taken to hospital for treatment following the shocking accident shortly after 3.40pm yesterday.

Writing on Facebook, Miss Mcardle, said she and Mr Murray were both 'badly hurt with bruises'. She said: 'I have a broken wrist and bruised and battered and Williams knee came out of place and he's also bruised badly.'

It is understood that Mr Murray, of Larkhall, South Lanarkshire, is receiving treatment at Glasgow Royal Infirmary for broken bones and a head injury. Miss Mcardle has since been discharged from hospital.

Miss Mcardle, from Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, later wrote she had 'never been so scared in her entire life'. 'Honestly thought I was going to die today, sitting in that carriage upside down with everyone screaming,' she said. 'Turning round and not seeing William beside me was the worst! We are honestly so so lucky , there is definitely someone watching over us both. 

'We are both still in shock and have a few injuries but just so lucky to be alive. Not seen william since it all happened but I here he's doing alright [sic].' The teenager later added that she had been having 'flashbacks' about her horrific experience. 

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